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Simple, transparent pricing

Subscribe to CataStrategies and then select the additional services you need in any combination

White-labeled branding

Your branded portal: A password protected resource-portal to access all of your up-to-date sales and communication publications

*We charge a one-time design fee of $700 for creating your suite of branded publications.

Per month billed annually or $419 billed month-to-month

Access to 16 strategies across 3 different investment methodologies

22 client-facing sales publications including presentations, overview sheets and fact-cards. Click here to learn more 

8 market and strategy communication publications. Click here to learn more 

Our fiduciary commitment 

  • Exclusive use of non-proprietary ETFs

  • $0 in back-end revenue sharing from ETF or other providers.  The only revenue we earn on our subscription business are the subscription fees we collect.  


Identify clients risk tolerance

No coadvisor or subadvisor- so no paperwork

A state-of-the-art trading dashboard

Scaled trading solution with ability to customize at the client level

Proactive trade suggestions to keep your accounts in-line and your compliance responsibilities in-check

Access CataStrategies and implement with CataTrade at the following institutions:

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If I subscribe do I need to update my ADV?

You should consult with your firm's compliance professionals.  However, with the CataSelect subscription service we do not believe your compliance profile changes in a way that necessitates updating your ADV.  You continue to have discretion and fiduciary responsibility for your clients.

What are my disclosure responsibilities if I white-label your sales and communication publications?

You should consult with your firm's compliance professionals.  However, we believe you retain full responsibility for the disclosures on publications that carry your firm's branding.  We have developed generic, suggested language that your firm's compliance professionals should review and modify to reflect your firm's specific disclosure needs.  Our compliance experts are available to discuss with you further.

What if I only wish to use one of your strategies?

As a subscriber to CataSelect your will have complete access to all three methodologies and their underlying strategies as well as their supporting sales and communication publications.    

How do I know what to trade?

Our capital markets team will email you a trade file that will clearly lay out the suggested trades for each strategy.  You will receive a monthly trade file for the tactical strategies and a quarterly trade file for the Strucutured and Adaptive strategies.

How frequently do your strategies trade?

The tactical strategies may trade upto 1x per month.  The Structured and Adaptive strategies trade quarterly. 

What types of securities do you use in your models?

We exclusively use exchange traded funds.  We do not use exotic ETFs such as levered ETFs or inverse ETFs.  

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