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Risk quantitatively pinpointed.

For Riskalyze users: Fitting seamlessly into the way you do business

Working in collaboration with the team at Riskalyze we have leveraged their powerful risk analytics to quantitatively pinpoint each CataSelect strategy's risk profile.

Armed with strategies that cover the risk spectrum

With 16 strategies across 3 distinct investment methodologies you'll be able to meet the varied risk needs of nearly all current and future clients. 

Maximizing probabilities with thoughtful portfolio selection

Armed with the analytics of Riskalyze augmented by CataMetrics' proprietary strategy data you'll be able to build portfolios that fit your client's unique and individual risk profile and return objectives. 

Selecting portfolios designed to navigate different risk environments

With the three distinct methodologies offered through CataSelect, each designed to behave differently in different market environments, and the powerful risk analytics offered by riskalyze you will be empowered to navigate your clients through nearly any market environment.

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