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Sales Tools

As a subscriber to CataSelect you will always have the presentation tools you need to confidently engage prospects and effectively present your investment solutions 

Understanding the underlying investment methodology is key to setting your clients' expectations and building a healthy and stable wealth-management business. We provide you with professionally designed and written presentation decks covering each of the 3 methodologies.

Sometimes less is more.  For those prospects that just want to see it on one piece of paper, the one-page Overview sheets provide the high-level features and benefits of each methodology.  

Presentation Decks
One-page Overviews
Strategy Fact-cards

Educating your clients on the investment methodology you invest them in is important but it is also important to show them details on the specific strategy you have selected for them.  To help we provide you a simple two-page fact-card that highlights portfolio level details such as expected yield and underlying expenses.

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