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Easy reading is damn hard writing. --Nathaniel Hawthorne
Let us help you.  As a subscriber to CataSelect you will have access to our succinct and timely communications designed to keep you and your clients updated and informed. 

Weekly Recap: Provides you with a weekly update on the markets and strategy holdings.  Published every Monday by 9:00 AM eastern time


Purpose: Designed for adviser-use-only with the goal of arming you with relevant, succinct, timely updates on the 16 strategies to help you prepare for the week ahead. 

Weekly Recaps
Monthly Insights

Monthly Insights: Provides a monthly update on the markets and strategies over the past month including model performance information.  Published by close of business on the 7th day of the following month. 


Purpose: Provide you with strategy-level details and context to help you and your clients understand their investment performance over the past month.  May be permissioned for end-client distribution at your discretion.   

Quarterly Review: Provides you with a professionally written quarterly letter on the market and economy over the past quarter.  Published by the 14th day following the end of the quarter.


Purpose: Send or share with prospects -- serving as an important quarterly touch-point to further demonstrate your professionalism and value.  

Quarterly Review
Annual Outlook

Annual Outlook: An anchor publication within our overall content-strategy that sets the market and economic tone for the coming year.  

Purpose: Designed to provide you with a well-informed, high-level view about the economy and markets as you begin the new year and begin thinking through your clients' overall allocations and underlying financial-planning needs. 

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