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The Strategies

We offer you 3 distinct investment methodologies with 16 underlying investment strategies. Each methodology is grounded in its own rigorous, and independent academic and practitioner research.   
Philosophy: Markets are efficient and work over time
Objective: Provide low-cost exposure to globally diversified portfolios
Total number of strategies: 6
Distinguishing feature: Weighted average ETF expense ratio between 0.04 - 0.05%
Philosophy: Volatility is not evenly distributed over time and high volatility is generally bad for performance
Objective: Reduce the fequency and magnitude of large drawdowns
Total number of strategies: 4
Distinguishing feature: Without relying on low returning fixed-income the strategies may provide "balanced-like" volatility with smaller drawdowns
Philosophy: Markets trend leading to alpha opportunities
Objective: Provide attractive returns on a risk-adjusted basis
Total number of strategies: 6
Distinguishing feature: Offers the opportunity for alpha through active security selection
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