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CataSelect is a subsidiary of CataMetrics Management, a registered investment adviser. 


CataSelect provides investment advisers access to the CataMetrics Management investment strategies through a low-cost subscription based service.


We are a global team of professional investors, writers and designers with our headquarters based in Westport, Connecticut, and a support team from around the globe. 


Regardless of where we call home, we operate with one shared mission- to help advisers like you build a more profitable wealth-management business.    


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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

Our Team
Erik Olsen,
Co-Founder, Managing Partner 

Erik has spent 30 years working in the financial services industry, including portfolio management, economic consulting, macroeconomic forecasting, economic cycle analysis, model building, and real estate investments and lending.

Dr. Henrik Neuhaus 
Co-Founder, Partner, CIO 

Henrik has spent over 25 years in capital-markets trading, investment management, and risk management.  He has extensive experience in the areas of portfolio construction, development of investment strategies, and in creating risk-management frameworks.  His particular expertise is in volatility modeling, developing and using factor models, and in creating trend-following strategies.

Christopher Shea, CFA 
Co-Founder, Strategic Communications 

Chris has spent over 20 years in the investment management industry.  He has been involved in security research, portfolio construction consulting, investment product sales and portfolio management.  He has spent over 10 years of his career as a CIO working directly with investment advisers and four years as a Vice President at Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Meridee has over 20 years of experience in the financial investments and financial services industries, as a management consultant, independent investment adviser, and manager of operations and finance.  She has co-founded and operated an Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction for an independent broker-dealer and as an investment adviser she has worked directly with retail investors.

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